Get to Know Elizabeth

Elizabeth was born and raised in West Michigan. She has always been a proud Michigander, even during her early professional years living in other parts of the country. It’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder; Elizabeth’s time away gave her fresh perspective and appreciation for her midwestern upbringing. But when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Elizabeth and her husband made a move back to Michigan and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with West Michigan and buy a forever home in Grand Rapids Township. 

The journey for Elizabeth to get involved in local government came about quite naturally. She was raised to believe it was her moral and civic duty to serve her community. In getting to know the community, its resources, and its potential, Elizabeth was inspired to run for local office and use her personal experiences to bring a fresh voice to the board. 

Through challenging academic studies at Michigan Technological University and Duke University, Elizabeth has practiced prioritizing and perseverance. As a School Board Member in service to her alma mater, Muskegon Catholic Central, she has maintained objectivity and pragmatism. By consistently serving on diversity boards and initiatives throughout her career, she has demonstrated allyship and equality. Elizabeth brings these traits into every situation and quickly becomes the person people look to to get things done effectively and responsibly. 

In running for trustee, Elizabeth’s vast experience is critical to issues she will work with the board to address.
  1. Building a sense of community and belonging in Grand Rapids Township
  2. Investing in parks and recreation
  3. Creating more transparency and accountability in local government
These issues can bring value to each and every home in the Township and you have a candidate whose experience can get the job done. Vote Elizabeth Helminski for Grand Rapids Township Board Trustee.