It’s important to know that the role of a Grand Rapids Township Trustee is to approve budgets, oversee services, and ensure public safety. In doing so, I believe it is critical for a Trustee to use listen-first leadership, solve problems, and vote in the best interest of the community. My definition of success as a Trustee is a community that feels heard. As a board member, I will prioritize being accessible to the community for dialog, and proactively seek feedback so I can understand what is most important to the community. Together we can move forward while making sure no one is left behind.

Below are the priority areas for my work on the Board of Trustees.

Transparency and Accountability

I want to ensure our community members truly understand how their tax dollars are being spent, their needs are being heard, and being met. This starts with understanding the processes of how the Board and appointed committees make decisions. Leading the following initiatives will also help increase awareness and engagement.

  • Create public/open process for committee, commission, and board appointments
  • Live stream and post recordings of all township board and committee meetings
  • Hold monthly coffee hours to hear input and exchange ideas from residents
  • Improve city-wide technology and engagement options to gather feedback and input, as well as distribute information to residents
  • Partner with local organizations to help lift marginalized voices

Investing in Our Parks and Recreation

The Township is home to incredible parkland creating an opportunity to leverage it for community gatherings year round. Building on this asset will improve quality for all residents and can only positively affect home values.

  • Act on the parks and recreation 5 year plan by creating a strategic funding plan rather than diverting your tax dollars to other initiatives
  • Improve walkability and bikeability
  • Expand recreation options particularly for people with disabilities and upgrade township parks to meet the principles of universal design for accessibility
  • Update our dilapidated playground equipment

Building a Deeper Sense of Community

Our community is full of incredible individuals and creating platforms to help them link up with others outside their immediate neighborhood would be beneficial in many ways, including making sure that everyone is able to find their sense of belonging.

  • Establishing community events such as Veterans Day recognition of local veterans, major holiday celebrations, and cultural events
  • Enhance school-township partnerships
  • Create service days of actions serving specific needs or working broadly on community beautification
  • Increase transportation options for elderly and people with disabilities
  • Introduce a Community Committee upon which residents can serve and be involved first-hand in this priority area

My definition of success as a Trustee is a community that feels heard. In order to accomplish the listening that requires, I’ll be accessible to the community through coffee hours, lead surveys to collect input, and partner with you to find solutions. Together we can move forward while making sure no one is left behind.